The Beauty Of Bespoke

The Beauty Of Bespoke

We all probably have childhood memories of gathering at the dining table...

Mine was a Victorian scrub top table with a huge drawer at one end, with one lost draw pull replaced by a spent wooden cotton reel.  I can recall the colour, the feel, the smell of the wood after it was scrubbed down even the sensation of pulling out the long heavy drawer, lined with patterned avocado coloured wallpaper.

bespoke pugin table Augustus Brandt

Whether a farm house country oak table, polished walnut table or regency mahogany extending table, the touch and feel and ‘sense of presence’  is deeply embedded in our psyche whether we are conscious of it or not. 

At AB we understand these subtle nuances, the importance of the finish, the grain, the subtle details such as whether an edge is smooth, rustic, or eased.

Augustus Brandt Pugin Table and Chairs

When ordering a bespoke table we give our clients the option to define these subtle details as well as the size and the colour.

Clients and designers often come to us with a colour idea or sample to match which often compliments another finish in their home such as the kitchen cabinets, a floor or wall colour.  Our expert craftsmen are fantastic at creating the perfect colour and finish. Each craftsman will look at the grain, direction, pattern, and colour of the raw timber and will match each cut with the design.  This selection process can make or break the final aesthetics of the piece, time, skill, and a human eye is the only way to guarantee a stunning result.

Custom design enables clients to optimise the use of their space.  There is nothing worse than feeling cramped in a corner or knocking your knee against the table legs. The team at Augustus Brandt will help design the table to allow the optimal spacing for each guest, we can edit the dimensions, so all your chairs fit perfectly and the table sits harmoniously within its surrounds.

Bespoke Pugin Table and Bench

All bespoke design service for tables, consoles and chairs enable you to create your own tailored design and a legacy that can be handed down generations.

Bespoke chair Augustus Brandt 

We use responsibly sourced and mostly indigenous species and avoiding MDF and laminates which create toxic fumes, thereby contributing to good management of sustainable woodland and sources and a healthier future for you and the planet

Resources are precious and by employing a more thoughtful approach to consumption and acquisition of furniture for our home, we can hopefully provide future generations with a better quality of living and a better way to live.

Our philosophy is to buy once and buy well. Visit our Bespoke page to find out more...

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