West meets East; 3 ways to include Japanese Design in your home

West meets East; 3 ways to include Japanese Design in your home


Japandi is becoming more and more popular in home style all over the world. This aesthetic takes the warmth and functionality of Scandinavian design and pairs it with the striking clean lines of modern Japanese style. Both styles value minimalism and natural textures which creates a liveable and calming space.

We recommend investing in furniture pieces which use these clean lines as well as plenty of storage so that clutter is out of sight and just a few choice accessories and decoration are accented in the room. Our Kuba Sofa is a great stable piece for a Japandi living room.

Kuba Sofa Augustus Brandt


Art and Antiques

    Japan has a rich heritage of art and design which extends back hundreds of years and includes exquisite practises such as woodblock prints, ink painting, silk work, calligraphy, sculpture and more.

    The distinctive style of historic and modern Japanese art can be a perfect statement piece in your home. Art and antiques always have a unique story to tell. We love these woodblock prints originally published in 1848-49 portraying warriors and characters from civil wars in the sixteenth century.

    Japanese Prints


    Exploring the principles of ‘Wabi Sabi’

      ‘Wabi Sabi’ is a philosophy rooted in Zen Buddhism. This ancient philosophy encourages us to embrace the beauty of imperfection. Whether that is cracks, uneven finish, irregular form, there is a perfection in an objects imperfection and something worth looking at in objects which may otherwise be overlooked.

      So how do you bring this principle into your home style? Find pieces with these imperfections and give them a spotlight. We love Typhoon stoneware for Japanese tableware which has organic forms and natural imperfections, perfect for elevating meal times.


      Typhoon stoneware plate wabi sabi


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